Born in 1996, Lunar Gala is an annual student-run fashion show that showcases brilliant artistry in design, modeling, and production, and dance performance. The show was originally inspired by the Taiwanese Student Association’s Lunar New Year tradition of wearing new clothes. Over the years, it has evolved to become the largest fashion event in Pittsburgh, a unique platform to display innovative and avant garde fashion.

Our designers are unafraid of freely expressing themselves and taking risks. They explore our society’s most pressing current events and cultural values to bring them to life. Some of the unconventional materials that they use range from technological mood-sensing chips or glow-in-the-dark resin to robust sheet metal.

The memorable and breathtaking experiences that our designers and every other production member together bring to Lunar Gala leave a bold footprint across the greater Pittsburgh communiy, prevailing beyond the nights of the event. We, as a team, continue to evolve and progress, never losing sight of our longstanding foundational values.

This year, Lunar Gala producers are striving to reduce expenses associated with the show by raising money to purchase materials and mm supplies for participating designers.

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2024 SHOW


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